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Hey there! I'm Jack, and I enjoy connecting with incredible people like you, sharing stories of personal growth, and exploring what it means to live with purpose and passion.

As a co-host of the Jack and Max Show, I have the privilege of talking with remarkable individuals who have faced life's challenges head-on and emerged stronger and wiser. Through these conversations, I aim to inspire and empower you to embrace change, chase your dreams, and make a positive impact.

I've worn many hats over the years—from raising capital for cutting-edge ventures to guiding entrepreneurs on their next moves and helping others navigate the complexities of buying and selling businesses. Each experience has taught me valuable lessons in resilience, adaptability, and perseverance.

Today, my mission is to share those lessons with you. Whether you're an entrepreneur looking to level up, a professional seeking a career change, or someone who wants to live a more fulfilling life, I'm here to be your guide and friend. Sometimes all it takes is a conversation to spark the change you need to unlock your full potential and achieve the success you deserve.

When I'm not working with clients or dreaming up new ideas, you can find me exploring the great outdoors, seeking inspiration in nature's beauty and the incredible people I meet along the way.

Achieve your Breakthrough

The Jack and Max Show

Hey there, and welcome to the Jack and Max Show! My co-host Max and I are embarking on an exciting journey to bring you real, raw conversations with incredible people who have faced life's challenges head-on and come out stronger on the other side.

We believe that everyone has a story to tell—a unique journey filled with ups and downs, triumphs and setbacks. And we want to bring those stories to you, our listeners, in a way that feels authentic, relatable, and sometimes even a little bit funny.

Each week, we'll be sitting down with remarkable individuals from all walks of life—entrepreneurs, creatives, thought leaders, and more—to explore the pivotal moments that have shaped their lives. We'll dive deep into topics like resilience, personal growth, and what it means to be successful (hint: it's not just about the money).

Whether we're talking to a former pro athlete turned mindfulness coach, a small business owner who turned their passion into a thriving enterprise, or someone who has overcome major health challenges, our guests will be living proof that with the right mindset and a willingness to keep pushing forward, anything is possible.

As we build our show and grow our audience, we've got some incredible episodes lined up for you.

Here's a sneak peek:

"From Missionary to Mastermind: One Man's Journey of Faith, Finance, and Transforming Lives"

"Defying the Odds: How One Man's Unrelenting Faith and a Heart Transplant Gave Him a Second Chance at Life"

"The Accidental Entrepreneur: How a Side Hustle Became a Multi-Million-Dollar Business"

We're excited to share these stories with you and start a meaningful dialogue. Your thoughts, feedback, and own experiences will play a vital role in shaping the direction of our show. Subscribe to the podcast, and let's explore these fascinating stories together.

Thanks for being here,


P.S. As we're just getting started, your input is invaluable. If you have a personal story you'd like to share or a topic you'd love for us to explore, please reach out. We believe that the most powerful conversations happen when we all contribute our unique experiences. Let's create something meaningful together!

The Jack and Max Show

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