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As a fellow sales leader, I'll be upfront - It's frustrating when promising opportunities drop. Deals that seem closed based on need but end up falling through. We sometimes blame buyers misunderstanding value or not budgeting enough. But lots of times simpler internal gaps trip up smooth closings - poor discovery, mismatch in pricing expectations, unaffordable pay plans.

Here's the thing - with many years growing companies' revenue through sales, we can quickly pinpoint where those issues happen by jumping right into active selling situations. After a series of calls we'll spot what sudden snags emerge stopping even serious prospects from converting. And we'll gladly keep selling ourselves to boost your revenue long term.

Together we'll plug those holes through improved conversation frameworks, relevant investment options tailored to their situation, in-the-moment coaching so your team masters proper call flow and objections. We'll even directly close new sales opportunities right now to immediately generate more revenue for you.

Our goal = diagnose sticking spots through hands-on selling + solve them via better tools/training so your stars shine consistently. This is about sensible progress lifting revenue higher quarter by quarter. Small jumps compound over time!

Maximize your sales execution

In the Trenches: Pinpointing Conversion Gaps

By initiating sales calls, we’ll quickly spot why even qualified opportunities sometimes go cold. Few key questions we’ll explore together: Are you asking the right discovery questions? Are you understanding the buyer's needs thoroughly? Do you communicate the value of your program clearly? Are there enough creative financing options available? Do you have access to the right financing partners?

Creating a Sales Strategy: How Customers Actually Buy

Nobody loves reading boring sales strategy documents. But winning more customers doesn't have to be complicated rocket science either.

Here’s the secret - we’ll explore how real life customers who already bought from you made decisions. What key questions did they ask at first? What convinced them your approach is better? How long did decisions take?

By learning what made existing buyers tick, we can focus everything to match - website info, sales conversations, follow ups. This saves your team tons of time guessing what customers may want. We already know by listening!

Sales Team: Adjusting to Changing Buying Needs

Even experienced sales reps start missing targets when audiences evolve and buy differently now than in past years. Approaches that crushed it before get confusing results today. Totally normal but still frustrating! Here’s the win - through personalized coaching, we’ll upgrade messaging and skills together until they stick. If discovery style that made sense two years ago now falls flat, we reshape relevant words. If surprise objections appear reflecting new hesitations, we script empathetic replies respecting concerns raised. We track trends on what objection rebuttals, pricing analogies and vision planting resonate now versus outdated stuff. We double down on timeless relevance.

Building Strong Pipelines

Converting interested prospects into happy long term customers means effectively guiding them through choosing and purchasing stages - at scale. No small task!

The good news? We integrate tools that automatically send helpful prompts when someone shows interest - relevant content about the offer after initial form fills. Or pricing documents as they near decision conversations. First, we’ll learn what specific information tipped your past buyers from “curious” to “committed”. Then we can create tailored value messages matching those winning blueprint milestones automatically through technology.

Guiding Deals to Completion

Moving sales opportunities forward takes work! Beyond initial discovery, reasonable questions and hesitations arise. Budget realities hit. Competing options muddy decisions. Without guidance, promising deals stall.

My goal is equipping your team to address concerns precisely before they appear. Does the client trust you? Are testimonials necessary to do the deal or is the request simply a stall tactic? Our role is equipping your team to address all deal stoppers.

Continually Improving Sales

Installing consistent tracking lets us measure lead types, pipeline, close rates and recurring revenue gains by segment. Data reveals what works...and what doesn’t. Compounding small but steady improvements over time becomes an enterprise advantage.

Jack Trama

Your Sales Partner

Growing companies mean facing heaps of tough choices - which sales systems buy? How much to spend on ads? When to hire more team members? It's enough to make your head spin! We've been there too in our early years. But now, after helping leaders like yourself view stuff more clearly for over 20 years, we can quickly provide simple guidance. Our promise is answering nagging sales questions, explaining confusing parts, and discussing options calmly until ideal next steps click.

Businesses thrive when leaders partner with patient mentors like us whose superpower is translating overwhelming complexity into surmountable progressive actions. We help you see what possibilities await just around the corner and offer encouragement to keep advancing steadily! Let us know your most pressing sales questions - simplifying big decisions into easy wins is what we live for!

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